Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Easiest way to get this blog started is to post training logs...

Monday 11/15
Warm Up - 120 Kicks 10 of each per side: front, inside, outside, round, side, back
- Boxing combos: Jab, Cross - Jab, Cross hook - Jab, Cross, Upper -- Jab, Cross, Elbow, Elbow

Back Squat 5x5 - 1x135, 4x185

Asymmetrical Double Clean and Press, switching loads every set.
8x5 20/24kg
2x5 20/28kg
2x5 24/28kg

One hands swings w/28kg: 15s on 15s off for 10 mins.

5x5 Hanging leg raise

Beginner Class
Swings and TGUs - Program minimum

Line Drills - Basic Kicks
Mirror Work - Footwork Drills, Basic Closed hand techniques, round house kick review
Focus Pad Work - Single kicks, two kick combinations
Light Sparring - Hands only, kicks only, mixed
Slow Round house drills with partners.

Jon and Linnie were a big help to go over basics and remedial drills with the white belts.

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