Sunday, March 6, 2011

The value of classmates and training partners

Training, both in martial arts and strength is very much about the individual. We strive for "personal bests" and pushing our limits. Everyday in we not only try to better ourselves but learn something about ourselves as well.

Both martial arts training and strength training can be, and should be an introspective thing. However, don't forget the benefit of training with one another. Your classmates and training partners are an invaluable asset. Call it common energy, call it healthy competition. You always train harder when your coach or instructor is watching. You also train harder when you peers and watching, more importantly when they are relying on you.

Friday's routine was relatively high output.

Morning: Heavy Deadlifts - Sumo stance

The goal was 12x2, but I switched to singles around set 6 and hit 405lbs. Steve pulled 510lbs and arguably had some room to pull more!

We finished off with 3 sets of front squats - more technique practice than anything.

Evening: I didn't really need to get a second session in, but I new some students/training partners were expecting/relying on me to train with them

KB double clean and press chain: 16kg x 5, 20kg x 5, 24kg x 5, 28 x 3

We went through the chain three times for 12 total sets.

Dand variations
Hanging leg raises.

Dead Lift Video:

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