Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fight For Brian / DL PR / Today's Training

A lot of topics in this post.

On Saturday, 3/12, we hosted an in-house tournament and benefit for my good friend and colleague Brian Petty. Not only did Brian introduce me to kettlebell training, but he has years of martial arts experience and is easily one of the smartest people I know. Earlier this year he was diagnosed with liver cancer. Please visit the Fight for Brian website for more information. The turnout on Saturday was incredible. There was a huge showing of support from Dragon Gym students and families as well as from the Shosen Team and Cool Hearts Muay Thai.

Thank you all!

Part of the day's events included a dead lift competition. Up until the end of last year, I always pulled from a sumo stance. In December, I experimented with a conventional stance, and liked it quite a bit. However, I switched my training back to sumo, feeling that I could pull heavier weights from that position. On Saturday, I thought I would give conventional another try.

405 lbs in conventional stance is a Personal Best for me

After a maximal lift like this, I decided to take this week off from weight and kettlebell training.

Today's workout was just a bodyweight routine to get some exercise in for the day.

5 pull ups followed by 10 Dands (Hindu Pushups) -- 5 Sets

5 chin ups followed by 10 elevated feet (1ft) pushups -- 5 Sets

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