Friday, January 14, 2011

Training Logs

Wed 1/12

Handstand Pushups - 5x3
Push Press 13x3 -- 24s and 28s
Bent Press 8x3 - 20Kg Barbell w/collars (1kg ea?)

Beginner Tae Kwon Do Class
- Good review of basic kicks, stances, and blocks. First 30 mins were a very traditional format; it was a good change for the students and a great way to emphasize technique.
- 2nd Half of class focused on partner training -- self defense and one-step techniques

Training with Steve Grabicki (3rd Dan)
- Line Drills - Basic Kicks and combinations
- Weapon work -- Nunchuk and staff
- Poomsae - Il Jang, Oh Jang, Chon ji, Yul gok, Po eun
- Partner work -- Ho Shin Sul, Free form "one-steps"

Thursday 1/13
Light day worked on Pistols and Single leg dead lifts
Noon Class -- Good group, worked on basic techniques and partner training
Kids Sparring -- Kicking sets 8-10, Started them on pistol squats as well
Advanced Class -- Heavy Bag work with kicking combinations, Free Sparring, Poomsae 1-8

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