Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Training log

This week is a back off week for strength training. The last 3 weeks have been extremely successful using a low rep and high volume scheme. Conventional dead lift 1RM at 385 Lbs. I'm pleased with that number. Although I could have gone higher, it's nice to leave some room for improvement and this is my first training cycle with a conventional stance. Flat and Incline bench numbers are up. KB military press of 40Kg for a double. Qualitatively, chest, shoulders and thighs have added mass.

Via Pat Flynn:
Nearing the end of our current cycle. Thanks to all of those that have been following along and taking advantage of these workouts! I am looking forward to the next cycle, which will begin after a week of tapering off. Over the next couple of weeks we will up both the volume and density, and will be conducting some benchmark testing in regards to how our training is truly translating over to our sports specific performance. Since our sport is essentially hitting stuff, what better a way to take a bench mark then to use a force meter. We plan on using a force meter to find out just how hard we are hitting (basic kicks and punches) before our next cycle, and will again perform the same tests after to see how we have progressed. Should be interesting, so stay tuned!

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