Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post from Pat Flynn RKC


I'll be back from vacation soon and back onto the training regimen. We brought a 8kg and 12 Kg bell with us. Just been doing press ladders and front squats to keep up with something. I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to the gym.

This morning:
Clean and Press - 5x3 - 12kg
Press ladder/Front Squat Ladder - 1Press L, 1 Squat, 1 Press R, 1 Squat -- Up to 5 each side
Overhead walks up and down the driveway ~50ft, 12kg 2x each arm.

Check out Pat Flynn's Blog. He has already been logging some of our training:

As promised, here is the first installment, of what I expect to be a very long series. There will not be a video log of every workout, such a task would be too time consuming, but I will post written logs as often as possible, for those who wish to follow along.

Our current goal is to maximize our all around strength or general physical preparedness, while also focusing on our sports specific(martial arts) enhancement as well. Master Somnath Sikdar RKC is a 5th degree Tae Kwon Do black belt, and the owner/head instructor of Dragongym in Exton, PA.

In order to train both sports specific and GPP(general physical preparedness) our program must take into careful consideration the variables such as volume, intensity, and density

A recollection:

Volume refers to total amount of work performed. You can think of this as total number of sets and reps performed, or total amount of weight lifted, I prefer the latter.

Intensity refers to how hard you are working. In terms of weight, we base intensity on our one rep max. So a 60% intensity, implies that we will use a weight that is 60% of our one rep max.

Density refers to how much work you cram into a period of time.

Tons of volume, and high intensity on a daily basis will not only fry your CNS(central nervous system), but will surely hinder your sports specific training as well. Our program is tactically periodized, so that the volume and intensity are constantly fluctuating, sometimes inversely and sometimes not. Both high intensity and high volume days do appear, but it would be unwise for any athlete to train at such high volume and/or high intensity all of the time. Train hard, but also train smart.

This was our workout from Monday - 12/20/2010

This was a medium volume, medium intensity day.

The highest intensity for this workout was with the vertical press(double clean and press)m which was about 60% or 2x24kg kettlebells for me. All other movements were performed with weight around 40% of our 1 rep max

I will post our sports specific training separately for those who are interested

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