Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black Belt Test

12-18. The Winter 2010 Black Belt Test.

This test was one of the best in recent memory. We had 4 adult candidates for 2nd Dan and several youth candidates for 1st and 2nd poom. Things started at 9am with the kettlebell requirements for the adult students. 200 swings in 7.5 minutes and 5 minutes of continuous TGUs. I have to admit, they made it look easy. That makes two things quite apparent. One: in martial arts the true test is really in the preparation. Two: I can make at least this portion of the requirement harder.

The remainder of the test included the traditional requirements of forms(poomsae), kicks, partner work, sparring and breaking. Although the forms could have used a little work(but I always think this), everything was performed quite well.

Tremendous turnout. Over all a great day for Dragon Gym.

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