Thursday, December 16, 2010


Training on the easy strength program has been going well. I have been sticking with the same primary exercises: Dead Lift, Military KB Press, Bench Press, Pull Up, Squat. No huge 1RM jumps yet; however, I have tried to 1RM either.

Notable numbers:
Dead Lift 6x1 - 355lbs
KB press - 6x1 - 40Kg
BP - 3x3 - 195lbs
Pull Up 6x1 - 24kg

I have been keeping the squats light due to the high kicking volume lately; heavy squats seem to really tighten up the hips when combined with a lot of kicking....not sure why.

1 to 7 Snatch ladders with 24kg feel good, easy.

The increases kicking volume is really helping, legs feel light again, kick height is back up.
Chunkwon and Hansoo are coming along nicely, I guess we'll find out on Saturday...

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