Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday's Training

AM workout
Warm Up - Line Drills, Basic Kicks, Boxing combos
Bench Press - 5x5 - 1x135 lbs, 4x175lbs
KB double clean and jerk -- 12x5 24kg - 1 min rest
HLR - 1x8

Beginner Class
Dynamic Warm Up (run by Steve)
Line Drills - Basic Kicks, Tumbling
Partner Work - Large Outer Reap Practice, one-steps - punch and kick
Limit Takedown sparring - Large outer reap only
White Belts: Break falls and kebon poomsae.

Advanced Class
Line Drills -- Basic Kicks, Boxing Combos
Heavy Bag Work -- Lead leg kicks, double kicks, back kicks
Limit sparring -- Hands only: Legs and torso target area
Partner Work -- Collar hold escapes, joint locks, and throw then limit sparring

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